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Georgian Travel

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 17:26

One day tour Signagi-Bodbe

This tour focusses on the small town in eastern Georgia located on the hillside, in the historic region of Kakheti. The city was transformed into the face of Georgian tourism and is one of the most visited places in Georgia. Cozy little town, lined with buildings in the style of South Italian classicism, scenic panoramas, mountain fortress wall surrounding Sighnaghi’s old part of the town, towers around offering stunning views of the Alazani Valley – all of this will definitely leave an unforgettable impression that is going to last for a lifetime. In the afternoon we end the tour with a monastery of Bodbe which is located in Kakheti, two kilometers away from the city Signaki. Bodbe is one of the most important shrines of Georgia, here rests the Enlightener of Georgia – Saint Nino, who brought Christianity to Georgia in 316 BC, it is one of the most venerated saints of the Georgian people. St. Nino went through the whole country, healing the sick, performing miracles and drawing people to the

Christian faith. St. Nino died here at the age of 67 years and bequeathed to be buried on this land. In the valley to the north-east of the monastery there is a spring of Saint Nino. Currently, there is a bath and a small church, built in the name of the parents of St. Nino, saints Zebulon and Susanna. Bodbe murals are the most outstanding work of art XVIII – XIX centuries, it is a final stage of the medieval Georgian Fine Arts, which is characterized by ever-increasing impact of modern European art and at the same time preserving the traditions of Orthodox iconography and distinctive national features. With a qualified historian from History Trips as your personal guide, all the highlights of this picturesque town and the monastery will be shown to you accompanied by vivid, but historically sound information.

Tour duration: 1 days



* Full services of guide and driver


* Meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)


* Transport


* All entrance fees


* Health insurance


Not Included


* Additional excursions (Horses, all-terrain vehicles, bicycles etc. )

One-day wine tour to Kakheti is a fascinating journey to the eastern part of Georgia to enjoy the mountain scenery, picturesque villages, ancient temples and one-way life of the locals.

Sights: Telavi, Schuchmann Winery, Gremi, Twins Winery Duration: 10-12 hrs Price: from $115*

One-day wine tour to Kakheti is a fascinating journey to the eastern part of Georgia to enjoy the mountain scenery, picturesque villages, ancient temples and one-way life of the locals. The Georgian medieval monuments such as Gremi and others are awaiting you. Tasting unique Georgian wines and an acquaintance with the secrets of winemakers from Kisikhevi and Napareuli is a special zest of this tour to Kakheti.


Tbilisi – Telavi – Schuchmann Winery – Gremi – Twins Winery – Tbilisi At 09:00, depart towards the Kakheti region of Georgia, the cradle of Georgian wine. Beautiful road to Kakheti lies through Gombori pass (2 h, 100 km). Our first stop will be in Telavi, the administrative and historic center of the region. Short stop at the monument to Erekli II.

Continue to Schuchmann Château in Kisikhevi village. Explore wine production facilities and have traditional lunch accompanied with finest wines produced from famous Georgian grape varieties: Saperavi, Mtsvane, and Kisi. Drive to Gremi architectural complex, 16th century royal residence and the capital of Kakheti Kingdom. Gloomy and monumental, the Gremi castle is one of the most visited tourist points in Georgia.

Final stop for today is a private winery «Twins Wine Cellar» in Napareuli village. The premises of the winery include vast vineyard, museum of traditional Georgian winemaking in qvevri, and facilities for various workshops. Try yourself at baking Georgian bread puri, cooking national dessert churchkhela, harvesting and squeezing grapes for wine (subject to seasonality). An excellent round-up of the tour will be tasting five different wines produced at Twins Winery according to Georgian traditional technology of winemaking in qvevri. Return to Tbilisi.

Take to trip: appropriate footwear, water, raincoat, suntan lotion & hat

Price includes:

1. All transfers as per itinerary;

2. English speaking guide;

3. Lunch and wine tasting at Schuchmann Chateau;

4. Wine tasting, bread and sweets master-classes in Twins Winery;

5. Entrance tickets to Gremi complex;

6. Mineral water (0,5l per person per day).


Tuesday, 19 January 2016 17:16

Day Trip to Dmanisi and Bolnisi

One-day tour to the southern district of Georgia with millennial monuments of the Georgian history. You will see unusual sites of the Caucasus – Dmanisi and Bolnisi.

Day Trip to Dmanisi Archeological Site and Bolnisi - Ancient Georgia

City: Dmanisi, Bolnisi Duration: 7-8 hrs.

A day tour to Bolnisi and Dmanisi is a short journey to the ancient history of Georgia, to the time of formation of the Georgian language and advent of Christianity in the Caucasus. Moving to the country’s south you will visit archeological and architectural monuments dating back to the V-VI centuries. This tour will not only introduce you to the Georgian culture, but also open the country’s mysterious pages, known almost to nobody.


The tour starts from Tbilisi. Our guide and driver will meet you at your hotel. Drive to Kvemo or Lower Kartli province. Visit Sioni of Bolnisi Cathedral built in 478-493. It is the oldest extant church building in Georgia. The cathedral is also known for its Georgian inscriptions, mentioning the names of Bishop David of Bolnisi and two Sassanid kings Peroz I and Kavadh I. These are one of the oldest historical documents of the Georgian alphabet. Take an excursion to Dmanisi archaeological site where in 1999 two Hominid Crania were discovered. The discovery demonstrates that Dmanisi Hominids are the oldest human beings outside of Africa. Dmanisi is also a rich archaeological record of Georgia’s Medieval period as it was a major commercial centre of Georgia during middle ages. Finish your tour at the Tsugrugasheni cross cupola church of 13th cent. (located in 10 km from Bolnisi), famous for its rich ornamentation, particularly stone carvings around windows and arches, and fragments of frescos. Drive back to Tbilisi. Duration of sightseeing tour: 7-8 hours.

Take to trip: appropriate footwear, water, raincoat, torch, suntan lotion & hat.

Price includes:

1. Transport throughout the tour;

2. Guided sightseeing tour;

3. Entrance fees to the museums, mausoleums and other sights;

4. Picnic lunch en-route (without alcohol).


Tuesday, 19 January 2016 14:58

Day Tour to David Gareja

One-day tour to unique David Gareja monastery complex. A walking tour among millenary temples cut in the rocks and an acquaintance with canonical painting of the VIII-XIV centuries.

City: David Gareja Duration: 7-8 hrs.

One-day tour to David Gareja monastery complex is a short but eventful journey to one of the ancient and important religious sites of Georgia. The complex of temples stretches for several kilometers in the

south-east of the country and along the border with Azerbaijan. David Gareja monastery is unique due to the fact that many of its buildings are cut in a huge tilted rock and some of its temples still preserve millenary frescos.


Tour itinerary:

The tour starts from Tbilisi. Our guide and driver will meet you at your hotel. Drive to semi desert of Gareja. On the way stop at supermarket to take some snacks. Arrive in Gareja and start walking up to explore Lavra cave monastery founded in the 6th century. The Lavra monastery is an inhabited complex of caves with a courtyard, church and other buildings. Continue walking up to Udabno* where you can have some rest and enjoy the view to Azerbaijan from Georgian side. Udabno is famous for its wall-paintings dating from the end of the 12th century. Thousand-year-old frescos at Udabno are depicting such scenes from the Bible like “The Last Supper” and “The Exaltation of the Cross”. After some rest, walk down another path. Drive back to Tbilisi. Duration of sightseeing tour: 7-8 hours * Walking round trip to Udabno monastery complex: 1.5 – 2 hours.

Take to trip: appropriate footwear, water, raincoat, torch, suntan lotion & hat.

Price includes:

1. Transport throughout the tour;

2. Guided sightseeing tour;

3. Picnic lunch en route (without alcohol).


Tuesday, 19 January 2016 14:40

One-day tour to Ananuri and Kazbegi

Sights: Ananuri, Kazbegi Duration: 10-12 hours.

Tour to the snow-capped peak of the Mount Kazbek from the capital of Tbilisi will open up an enchanting Georgia in as little, as one day. On the way there, you will visit a bewitching Ananuri complex located at the quiet waters of the Jinvali Lake, see the beauty of mountainous rivers and gorges of Kazbek, and enjoy the tranquility in the Gergeti church, which is the final destination of the journey. There you will get an amazing view on the village of Kazbegi and grand Mount Kazbek.

Tour itinerary:

Tbilisi – Ananuri – Kazbegi – Tbilisi At 09:00, our driver and guide will pick you up at your hotel. The route will take over the Georgian Military Highway up North towards the border with Russia. Your first stop will be at Ananuri complex, a former residence of Argveti Dukes. Complex featuring churches and towers dating back to the XVI-XVII cc. is beautifully overlooking Jinvali reservoir. Continue our drive to see the conjunction of two small mountain rivers famous for the fact that being different in color they still keep their own colors even after merge. We will then drive over the Cross pass and make a short stop at Soviet time “People’s Friendship” mountain view point overlooking a deep gorge of Caucasus mountain range. In Kazbegi, we will change our vehicle to a four-wheel drive car to reach Gergeti Holy Trinity Church located on altitude of 2170 m, and enjoy breathtaking views of Mt Kazbegi. Drive back to Tbilisi. Drop-off at your hotel.

Price includes:

1. All transfers as per itinerary;

2. English speaking guide;

3. 4WD vehicle to Gergeti Trinity Church;

4. Mineral water (0,5 l per person).


Day 1

• Arrival, accommodation.

Day 2

• 8: 00-8: 45 breakfast (at the hotel)

• 9:00 trip to western Georgia. Abasha K.Gamsahurdiya’s House Museum .

• 14:00 Lunch

• 16:00 Senaki Research Museum, Nokalakevi – burial museum.

• 19: 00-20: 00 Dinner, accommodation in the hotel in Martvili city.

Day 3

• 9: 00-9: 45 Breakfast

• 10:00 departure - excursion. Castle Dadiani (Georgian royal family) and the Botanical Garden.

• 14:00 lunch

• 16:00 tour. Research Museum Chkorotsku, cave Garah and architectural complex.

• 20:00 dinner. (Return to the hotel in Zugdidi)

Day 4

• 9: 00-9: 45 Breakfast

• 10:00 departure. Cave kortshe. House - Museum Terenti Graneli in Tsalendzhihi and Tsalendzhihi temple.

• 14:00 lunch

• 16:00 tour.. visiting castles .. Large Kearse, Jeeha Mamukia, Jeeha Omuni, Lesale Fortress, Fortress Gagichi.

• 20:00 dinner. (Return to the hotel in Zugdidi)

Day 5

• 9:00 breakfast

• 10:00 Return to Tbilisi, parting dinner, presenting souvenirs.


In addition:

The price of the tour includes:

Transfer from airport


Excursion - driver

Hotel, food

guide services

The tour price does not include:

Flight ticket.

Payments for visitint the museums and other significant places.

Food outside of the hotel



Tuesday, 19 January 2016 14:34

Tbilisi tour (long tour)

Day 1: The arrival of guests and meeting at the airport of Tbilisi. Hotel accommodation

Day 2: The visit to Georgian sights: Sameba cathedral church, Metekhi, Sioni, Anchiskhati, Mtatsminda and the Narikala fortress. Then the walk in Abanotubani.

Day 3: The cultural route will begin with acquaintance with museums and the works of art, Georgian National Museum, Archaeological Museum, Ethnographic museum, Karvasla.

Day 4: Seeing the exhibition hall and the works at this exhibition, where visitors can purchase the works: Georgia felt, enamel, clay and others. They will also be able to see the National Library and Gallery. The the visit to Rustaveli and Marjanishvili theaters and in the evening they will see the performance. The day will end with a stroll through the Rose Revolution Square.

Day 5: Acquaintance with Georgian kitchen and organizing a farewell evening.


Tuesday, 19 January 2016 14:31

Tbilisi Tour

The route begins with walking along Leselidze street. They will stop at the Church of Zion, and will continue the way towards Anchiskhati. Then, using the transport the way will be continued by the visit to fortress Narikala. From here, guests will continue their way to Abanotubani, where they will walk through the old Tbilisi. The next object of our visit will be the National Georgian Museum, Metekhi Church. The tour will end at the Cathedral Church Sameba.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016 14:19

Tour in Imereti

Day 1

In the morning departure to Kutaisi, the city in western Georgia, that is a parliamentary capital of Georgia. On the way to Kutaisi, you can taste nazuki and see ceramic works. After arrival to Kutaisi we will visit Bagrat Temple, that is is the main cathedral of the unified Georgian sainted in the honor of the God’s mother assumption in 1003. Bagrat temple is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Day 2


On the second day of the tour is planned to visit Gelati Monastery that is the most important medieval monastery in Georgia. It is the center of church and cultural life, the seat of the Catholicos from the second half of the 16th century until 1814 year the monument of the world inheritance. The Monastery was founded by King David the Builder in 1106, and became his burial place. The next object of our visit will be  Motsameta. At the end of the tour we will visit the Sataplia Preserve.

Day 1

In the morning, visit to Stepantsminda (Kazbeki), on the way we will visit the fortress-Ananuri. Aslo we will visit Gudauri ski resort, located on the southern slopes of the Great Caucasus Mountain Range in the municipality of Stepantsminda, on the Georgian Military Highway, not far from Cross Path. We will also visit the Tratsk Church in Gergeti which is located at the height of 2170m above sea level at the foot of Kazbek. The saint place, that was built in 14-th century is the only cross-domed church in Khevi.

Day 2


In the morning we will go to the Daryal gorge. Along 3km above the channel, rise up the rocks up to the height 1000m. Georgian Military road runs through the gorge, crossing tunnel and the bridge on the Russian side, and then another tunnel, inside which runs Russian-Georgian state border, and further we will also see the waterfall Gveleti.At the end of the tour is planned the visit to the Sno fortress.

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